The COVID-19 Archive: Jefferson Papers, Personal Stories, Presentations, & More

As the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and public health crisis continues, it is essential to capture and preserve related research, academic and scholarly work, and personal stories crafted by our Jefferson community. Archiving this material will help researchers and historians learn and reflect, and allow public health experts to prepare for the future. 

By preserving the work of our Jefferson family, we can study the pandemic’s impact on our healthcare system, teaching and learning institution, and the broader community. 

Jefferson Libraries (Paul J Gutman Library & Scott Memorial Library) is already preserving COVID-19-related content by archiving Jefferson websites and social media content, capturing Jefferson’s official internal and external communications, and accepting Jefferson-produced research and scholarship on COVID-19. The latter is all publicly available in the Jefferson Digital Commons (JDC).

Browse COVID-19 Content on the JDC 
The Jefferson Digital Commons COVID-19 page is continually growing. Some highlights include:

  • Spread the Science, NOT the Virus:
    An interactive seminar series organized by Drs. Frasso & Patel and Robert Wilson of Jefferson College of Population Health’s Master of Public Health Program
  • Coronavirus Papers
    A growing collection of papers written by faculty in Jefferson’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies 

The JDC is a place to hear the stories, recount the milestones, capture the breakthroughs, and remember the voices of this pandemic. Stay up-to-date on the latest COVID-19 stories by visiting the JDC and clicking on the COVID-19 button often. 

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