Download Thomas Jefferson University stock photos for free!

The Photography Services team of the Academic Commons is proud to present all Jeffersonians with a library of free stock images. The library includes photographs of people (students, faculty, etc.), places, and things (medical equipment, Jefferson branded items). Note: Not all images found on the PHOTO SERVICES website are free to download. Only images found in the free stock image gallery are accessible for free.

To browse:
To view the image gallery of free stock photos, visit this website:

To download images from the free stock library:
1. Click on an image to enlarge
2. Hover over the upper left-hand corner of the image
3. Click on the last choice in the drop-down menu “DOWNLOAD” to download the image to your desktop

Please credit “Thomas Jefferson University Photography Services” when using these images.

Learn more about the Photography Services team at the Academic Commons and how they can help you! Services include medical, surgical, and research photography, studio and special event photography, photo retouching, passport photos, and more!