Online Office Hours about LabArchives

With social distancing, the Jefferson LabArchives team is no longer holding in-person or lab help, but we’re now set up to start offering them online, via Zoom.

Mark your calendars! When?

Dates: Monday, April 20, Wednesday, April 22, and Friday, April 24
Time:  2-3pm
IS&T help will be available on Monday and Friday  


Join us via Zoom! Click on the date below to register:
Monday 4/20 at 2pm
Wednesday, 4/22 at 2pm
Friday, 4/24 at 2pm

If you are having any issues registering, contact 

What if I need training?

Tuesday 6/23 3:00 pm ET  Professional Edition Intro Webinar

Tuesday, 6/23 4:00 p.m. ET Classroom Edition Intro Webinar

LabArchives is offering free training online every Thursday at

These trainings are nearly identical to the ones we were providing, but with a couple of exceptions: 

  • We have a licensed version of LabArchives
    Use this sign-up path to create your account:

  • You can upload larger files (up to 4 GB each) directly to LabArchives

  • There is no limit to the total amount of data in your notebook. However, each individual file must be less than 15GB. Note that files larger than 250MB are not indexed for searching. Use tags and the description field to improve findability. These large files are stored in Jefferson’s institutional Box account and will display with a generic Box icon

  • You have access to the Jefferson Users Group Notebook

What if I Need Help?

If you need more specific “how to” info for LabArchives features, you can ask specific questions here: or if you wish to set up a training session for your group contact: 

LabArchives Team

Gary Kaplan, Associate Director, Library Information Services, Scott Memorial Library | Academic Commons
Mike Suda, IS&T Manager, Information Services and Technology
Jessica Gutierrez, Program Manager, Office of Research Conduct & Compliance