Manuscript Writing Project Supports Publication

Staying accountable to writing goals can be a struggle. Most clinicians and other faculty members already have schedules filled by multiple other priorities. To reduce the struggle and meet their writing goals, the Jefferson Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education (JCIPE) collaborated with the Office for Professional Writing, Publishing, and Communication (OPWPC) in 2019 for a yearlong manuscript writing process.

From January to May, the OPWPC provided guidance on small pre-writing tasks they could complete, such as outlining co-author expectations, meeting with a librarian for an updated literature review, defining the paper’s specific purpose and clarifying the research gap it would fill, and selecting a target journal.

Then in May, the group gathered for a day-long retreat devoted to writing. In the months that followed, the group continued to receive monthly writing-related emails from OPWPC, along with opportunities to gather to discuss progress. 

By late December, all 14 of the participants had achieved the project goal of completing and submitting at least one article for publication. According to the participants, the project helped them by supporting collaboration with co-authors, providing accountability, and helping them make writing a priority.

Based on the success of the project, JCIPE is joining once again this year with the OPWPC, extending the manuscript writing project into a second year.

For more information, contact Jen Wilson or Pam Walter.