Panopto Migration: Previous Recordings Unavailable the Week of March 9th

During the week of March 9th, access to previous Panopto recordings will be unavailable, as the Academic Commons completes an upgrade on the Panopto software.  

During this time, we will continue to record lectures, so new recordings will not be missed. But, please be patient, as it may take a day or two to access these new recordings.

Once the upgrade is complete, Jefferson will begin using the latest version of Panopto, providing students and faculty with the newest features available.  

Following this migration, we will start phase two, which will integrate Panopto within Canvas, Jefferson’s new learning management system (LMS). Phase two will begin later in March.

For updates on the Panopto migration process, visit Updates will be provided as we get closer to March 9th, as well as during the migration week.