Meet Janice: Access Manager for the Circulation Desk at the SML

If you need help finding something at the Scott Memorial Library (SML), asking Janice Reid-Clarke is the best place to start. Janice has worked at the SML for 17 years, and in the role of Access Manager for the Circulation Area, she knows just about everything going on at the library. Chances are, if you’ve got a question, she can answer it.

We sat down with Janice to learn about why she’s continued to work at the library for 17 years, what she loves about her job, and where you can find her when she’s not behind the circulation desk.

Q: How long have you worked at Jefferson?
I have been here since 2002, so I’ve worked at Jefferson for 17 years. I’ve worked in the Scott Memorial Library since I started.

Q: Seventeen years is a long time! What is your favorite thing about working in the library?

Working in the library is a very fulfilling job for me. I always wanted to work in an academic setting, so when the opportunity arose I gladly accepted it. I get to meet library patrons from such different backgrounds and walks of life, which is really rewarding.

I’m outgoing, so what I love about my job is that I get to listen to people’s problems and concerns and try to solve them. I want everyone’s experience at the library to be positive so it really makes my day when I can help out a patron.

Q: What can library patrons come to you about?

If students need helping finding articles or books, I can help with that. I can answer their basic reference questions. If a student has a reference question that is more in-depth, I’ll connect them with a librarian, but I’m usually the first place to start.

Q: There are so many resources available to students here at the library. Do you have any tips or suggestions for how students can best take advantage of everything at their fingertips?
Students take advantage of the resources we offer here, which is great to see. One thing that students don’t always know is that they can reserve a room in advance. So, if a student knows they want to come in later that day and will need a group study room or a quiet space, they should reserve it ahead of time on our website.

Q: Where can patrons find you in the library?
I’m on the second floor of the library, behind the circulation desk.

Q: When not on the second floor of the library, where is your favorite place on campus to hang out?

I like to go to the café here in the library. It’s on the first floor. I find it really peaceful – it’s my relaxing place. If you can’t find me on the second floor, that’s often where I am!

Q: We work in a library, so you know we’re going to ask. What’s your favorite book or genre of books?

I love mystery, fiction, and fantasy genres. Some of my favorite authors are Danielle Steel and Nicholas Sparks. What’s great about working in the library is I can just peruse the shelves here and take out something that I find interesting.

Q: Any books on your reading list?
I really want to read Becoming by Michelle Obama and Where the Crawdads Sing. I keep hearing great things about that one.