Investing in America’s Health

Investing in America's HealthThe latest report from Trust for America’s Health, a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to improving community health, minces no words.  The introduction of Investing in America’s Health is straightforward:

For too long, the county has focused on treating people after they become sick instead of preventing diseases before they occur.   Investing in disease prevention is the most effective, common-sense way to improve health — helping to spare millions of Americans from developing preventable illnesses, reduce health care costs and improve the productivity of the American workforce — so we can be competitive with the rest of the world.

For eight years, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has supported the Trust for America’s Health in releasing an annual Investing in America’s Health report to examine public health funding and key health facts in states around the country.

Where you live is a strong influence on how healthy you are.  Disease rates vary dramatically from city to city and region to region – and funding for public health and disease prevention programs also vary dramatically from neighborhood to neighborhood, community to community, city to city and state to state.

In a related data release (also supported by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation), county health rankings for 3,000 counties across the country  were published in early April.  Not surprisingly, Philadelphia didn’t rate very highly.  Read a Philadelphia Business Journal article about local data comparisons, or visit the interactive map to explore.

Link to full report:  Investing in America’s Health (PDF; 2.81 MB)

Link to the publication web page to view individual community profiles