New Tool for Clinical Researchers: The Clinical Research Project Pathway

The Jefferson Clinical Research Institute (JCRI) just finished developing a tool, The Clinical Research Project Pathway, in RISE to support investigators with the clinical trial initiation process. 

This application is a tool designed to guide clinical research investigators through the steps of initiating a clinical research study at Jefferson. Click here to access the Pathway!

Background on the app:
In the spring of 2018, a large group of subject matter experts from across the TJU research community came together to attempt to map out every possible iteration and required touch-point of initiating clinical research at Jefferson. The idea was to create a guide for clinical researchers, with the goal of transparency, compliance, and ease of use. This tool utilizes branching logic and, based on the specific responses the user inputs, the user will be guided through the required TJU-specific steps – from concept to trial activation. Most steps include contact information for the “process owner”, and where appropriate, links to educational content.

Questions? Contact the JCRI.